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            Ammonium chloride

                  Data:2017-10-24 15:04:34

            Product Description:
            Ammonium Chloride
            CAS No.:12125-02-9
            Chemical Formula:NH4Cl
            Electronic formula: H .. ..[H:N:H]+ [:Cl:]- .. .. H
            Relative Molecular Mass:53.49
            Features:Ammonium chloride is a kind of colorless crystal or white crystalline powder which is odorless, salty, cold and hygroscopic, and soluble in water and slight soluble in ethanol.

            Ammonium Chloride for Industry
            Quality standard:
            ⑴Appearance: white crystal
            ⑵Ammonium chloride content (by dry basis)>99.3%
            ⑶water content<0.7%
            ⑷Ignition residue<0.4%
            ⑹Heavy metal (by Pb)< 0.0005%
            ⑺Sulphate (by SO42-) < 0.05%
            ⑻PH :4.0-5.8
            The industrial ammonium chloride is mainly used in battery, electroplating, dyeing and weaving, casting, medicine, flocking and fluff and as chemical intermediates.




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